The New Beauty Aid: Apple Cider Vinegar?

Image: Unsplash

ACV, cider, the “cure-all”, you name it. We’ve all heard bits of information on the “magical elixir” known as Apple Cider Vinegar, but few still have yet to give it a go. What is it exactly? Apple Cider Vinegar is simply the by-product of the fermentation of apples. The fruit is loaded with potassium, pectin, malic acid and calcium, and fermentation fortifies the end product with even more beneficial acids and enzymes. What’s even better? You can find this “magic potion” right in your local grocery aisle for less than $10.

I recently got hip to the craze of ACV from natural hair tutorials that raved about the ACV Rinse. A rinse that promotes healthy and shiny hair, alongside conditioning and cleansing the scalp. Naturals love this so much, series after series on the topic started to pop up all over my YouTube feed and frequented blogs about its many different uses beyond just hair. One in particular that caught my eye was the use of ACV to treat acne and lighten acne scars. A problem that I had suddenly fallen victim to, yes, adult acne!

So that got me thinking, so many of my friends, sisters, and colleagues also suffered from the same thing. Why hadn’t they heard of this yet? If so, why hadn’t they tried it yet? I asked around a bit and received some very general yet true statements on the use of ACV.


So, what’s got people so hung up on using it?

The smell. This was by far the most stated response I received yet. Yes, it is a bit strong. However, the smell literally fades away within minutes of application. It’s no difference in smell than any beauty toner or acne solution that many tend to use. Yet, what is the biggest difference is that it is ALL natural. No chemicals here!

The taste. Okay you got me there, it is STRONG, but it can always

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