7 Things You Should Do To Your Partner Every Day

Remember when you just got into your relationship and it was fresh? You all were doing things together, laughing and joking, and then life happened and you “settled down.” Those of us who are in a relationship and lucky enough to have found a good girl/guy know that we’re fortunate, but even the best of us get comfortable sometimes.

Well, here’s how to get out of your comfort zone and get back to that “young love” feeling you used to have. All of the below suggestions have one thing in common–well two things: 1) they don’t cost any money and 2) they require TIME. Time is most important in any relationship, so take the time to do these things and see just how your relationship changes.

1. Say “Thank You.”

No matter who you are, being with someone over a certain period of time can get regular and predictable. With that predictability, people get comfortable and stop saying “please” or even “thank you.” Saying “thank you” takes a second, but means so much even in a long-lasting relationship. No one wants to be under-appreciated, and we can’t assume that the other knows in what ways we think that they enhance the relationship. Just say it, no matter what it is. It’ll make a big impact.

2. Notice The Little Things.

Notice the little things that make a difference and remark on many aspects of your relationship. For example, how hot they looked, what they did for you or another person, how they helped you see something in a different light, how much pleasure they brought you last night, how sweet it was to come home to a prepared meal, how fabulous they were with the kids or your parents.

Here are some examples:
“I see how you’re listening to my mom more. Thank you.”
“Did you know you have such a sexy walk? I love it!”
“Whenever you don’t like something your mouth frowns in such a cute shape.”
“I love how you pull your hair back when you’re serious- it’s so sexy to me.”

3. Kiss Passionately.

By stopping for a few minutes and really kissing your partner, you are connecting physically and mentally with your partner, letting them know they are special to you and that your love and affection are theirs. And not just a peck either. Get in there and kiss her or him like you mean it- because you do! Kissing strengthens your emotional bond and assists with keeping your relationship vibrant and healthy. “A kiss is worth a thousand words,” that’s the saying, right? Well, pucker up!

4. Listen Intently (without doing something else).

Listening is a skill that requires intentional effort from you. Listening means you give your full and undivided attention to what your partner says. Never listen and think about your response. Never “listen” while on your phone and working. Show that you’re listening by repeating back some things that he/she said.

Your partner will be able to communicate better with you if he/she knows you listen to what they say. When you listen to your partner, you will also be able to provide them with constructive feedback on questions, ideas, or discussions they have with you.

5. Encourage Your Partner to Achieve Their Goals.

We all have dreams. I have some BIG ones, and l am sure you do, too. Your partner also has some BIG goals.

Despite how well we plan and act on our dreams, there are days when you feel like giving up- when the hindrances and roadblocks seem unending. However, a little encouragement from your partner could be all you need to overcome the obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Spend a few minutes every day to encourage your partner to achieve their dreams. If your partner does not have one, help them figure it out. You are in this together.

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