4 Ways to Save $10K in 2018

Christmas Morning 2017 as I was sitting quietly enjoying time with my family, I picked up my phone only to find an internet frenzy all throughout my social media timelines. While the holiday season usually brings big gifts and big announcements this one particular announcement seemed to have sent everyone into hysteria.

My iPhone was in a frenzy, with friends and family from all over debating, arguing, and even some ready to throw virtual hands regarding one small picture. Women against men, men against women, men against men, everything! It was pure madness up and down my timeline. What caused all of this chaos you asked? This beauty right here…

Image: Facebook

There were so many debates regarding if a woman should accept an engagement ring that cost $24 or $48. Several friends argued it was too cheap and others argued the price shouldn’t matter. The thought of spending your life with the person you are madly in love should be all that matters in the end. Would love truly sustain all…

While most people took very interesting stands, my financial mind couldn’t help but think that one of the leading causes of debt and financial stress is associated with the financial burden of overwhelming wedding costs amongst others. According to marketwatch.com, one-third of couples go into debt for their big day. While this information is alarming, a wedding is just one aspect of the difficult financial challenges many face on a daily. Let’s face it, life is EXPENSIVE! However, with some discipline and following these 4 easy tips below to save you put a few coins back in your pocket and start the new year saving more.


1. Pay yourself first.

Say it with me….” Pay Me First” and there you have it! This is one tip that many people fail to take full advantage of. I’ve encountered several

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