Angela Bassett: “I Want People To See What ’59’ Can Do”

… through a lot of old-fashioned moves — lunges, squats, leg extensions, leg curls, but in the HIIT form. I’m not going to do too many hard, sculpting movements; this is more conditioning, taking what she already has — the great foundation of the body she has — and make it better.”

“I have been trying to be more thankful lately. Whatever it is, I am trying to be thankful,” explains Bassett. “Sometimes it’s what I want and expect, and other times it is not what I want at all. I am trying to find a way even when it isn’t what I want or the best circumstance, to find a way to be thankful. I want to be able to learn and grow from the situation personally. We grow best when we are tested and tried and come through it. It is hard to be thankful when it is falling apart and when people are gossiping about you.”