Self-Reflection: 7 Questions to Ask Today for a Better Tomorrow


Image: Unsplash

The new year is finally here and our eyes are bright and hopeful for what is to come. Self-reflection is an underestimated tool when it comes to planning out present plans and the future. Furthermore, sitting with your thoughts to manifest your goals, dreams, and tasks for the year will, in turn, make your bigger picture that much clearer.

What is self-reflection?
It is the time you take to yourself to look inward (within you). It helps to build two major components to emotional intelligence: self-awareness and self-regulation.

How will self-reflecting help me?
By taking the time to ask yourself the important questions, you gain a better understanding of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses and driving factors. Once you understand important aspects of thy self, you become better able to adapt to changing situations and tough circumstances.

Self-reflecting will also increase integrity when you take time to reflect on core values. Having a clear understanding of what values hold most important to you, puts them at the forefront of your mind and strengthens your decisions.

When our lives become a cycle of activities of doing and producing, we try to maximize productivity yet minimize the time being spent. When we are always acting and