The Fragility of the Male Ego

“Listen, even though my ego low, achieved the unachievable. Imagine if my confidence was halfway decent yo.” – J. Cole – Runaway

(Disclaimer: Men, fellas and gentlemen alike…I love us, I love our brotherhoods, but as your brother sometimes I have to check us in order to put Life in perspective. And no, I’m not writing this article to impress a girl or get brownie points with the ladies. That’s what my IG selfies are for *Kanye shrug* :^)


Now let’s get to it…

I tend to question things….a lot. I always have. I also tend to talk to myself…a lot (admit it, we all do. It’s said to be a sign of genius, but don’t get too excited, you’re still not a genius).


My former Instagram handle wasn’t “” for no reason: not only was it a testament to my scholastic and professional accomplishments, my love for Mother Nature and the fact I’m just a lame stuck in a cool person’s body, but it was a testament to my inquisitiveness about the ways of the world. This natural disposition lends itself to conversations with my closest friends about everything under, between and above the sun.


See, I’m a humanist at heart. The evolution, ascension, and nature of human beings are things I ponder about quite a bit, but there’s one thing I’ve paid closer attention to the older I’ve gotten: the personal, professional and platonic relationship between men and women.


In moments of solitude and humility, you tend to hear this little voice in the back of your mind. Don’t worry you’re not crazy nor

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