How Your Kids Can Avoid Winter Illnesses at Daycare

Daycare, to most parents, is the most practical option when it comes to daytime childcare. The children get to interact with one another and participate in fun activities while their parents handle business–it seems like the perfect plan. While the convenience is perfect for business needs, daycare has one downside– shared germs!

In the Winter months especially, it’s no surprise that parents begin to worry when their children return home coughing and sneezing. Pediatrician Amy Sniderman, M.D. from Cleveland Clinic states, “Anytime you have a large group of kinds, you’ll have germs.” Children often fall sick at higher rates because their immune systems are still developing and are not strong enough to battle most germs and bacteria. These health issues are not completely at a loss, their immune system will actually grow stronger. Even though it is most likely that your child will succumb to the daycare illnesses, there are some ways to keep them healthy while at daycare.

Healthy Habits at Home: Children often continue practices that they learn at home when they’re away from home. For this reason, it is important for parents to instill healthy habits in their children. An American Heart Association article recognizes the need for being a good role model and even recommends getting the whole family involved. Small children are fragile and require as many boosts that they can receive. Healthy habits such as staying active, eating well-balanced meals, and creating a consistent bedtime are necessary. Raising children with unhealthy lifestyle practices can lead to a weakened adult immune system.

Hand Washing is a Must: Adults know how important hand washing is, but children do not know that dirty fingers relate to getting sick. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that hand washing is important because people are constantly touching their eyes, nose, and mouth without always realizing it.

Germs tend to enter our bodies through these

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