4 Easy Go-To Natural Hairstyles For Yoga

I’ll be the first to admit it, I hate getting my hair messed up from working out! It sucks. However, it’s inevitable. Thankfully more and more women are becoming more excepting of that fact and simply adjusting. We’ve seen a few black hair tutorials for prepping your hair for running and working out at the gym, but what about yoga?


As newbie yogi, I searched high and low for this, but no avail. Furthermore, it’s especially niche to find a tutorial on yoga hairstyles for 4C natural hair.


So, I made my own! Check out these super quick and easy hairstyles for my black yogi girls out there:


The Flat Double Twisted French


Always start with moisturized hair! If you’re not too sure on how to do this, check out this video here. You’re simply using the

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