5 Transitioning Vegan Options for Your Family Go-To Meals

We all love a good home-cooked meal and what better way to bring the entire family together than over classic family go-to meals, that cannot only feed them but fill them up too! As a recent believer in what the power of food can do to your health and body, I’ve switched out a number of things in my diet to live a better life.

One heavy-hitter at the top of my list was meat! Next, it was seafood, then I moved to dairy, cheese, and now eggs! But let me tell you, it was not easy. Taking the transition step-by-step truly helped me wean myself off from animal products and it is still a struggle to this day.

However, I believe that anyone can do this and your family too! Living in a household with many different palettes, lifestyles, and habits, I’ve noticed that the one common-ground we all have, is eating. It innately brings people together, and with my newly fount lifestyle I was determined to share the wealth.

But, how exactly did I get two 30-something-year-old African American men and a 10-year-old to secretly go vegan?

I gave them what they wanted! As the sole cook of the house, I incorporated alternative vegan options little-by-little. Before you knew it, they

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