You Might Have Done Trap Yoga Before, But Not with Trap Yoga Bae™!

Courtesy of Trap Yoga Bae

The DJ was spinning a hype jam from the Migos as I transitioned out of a twerk and into a downward facing dog, when it finally hit me. This class is genius. It incorporated everything I loved. An open friendly environment, moody lighting, live music, black women, yoga and twerking. Did God send this combination from heaven? Am I really getting my life to ‘Slippery’ while in asana? Yes, I was.

I had taken the class on a whim but discovered so much. Created by Oakland native, Britteny Floyd-Mayo aka Trap Yoga Bae™, the Vinyasa-style yoga class was an energizing experience filled with hella laughs, sweat, and bass along the way.

What made this class so unique? It married yoga, trap music and

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