Sexy Food: 6 Foods to Enhance Your Sex Life

Let’s talk about sex baby. No, let’s really talk about sex. Do you ever feel like you lack sexual desire? Do you easily get tired when having sex? Lose your breath? Can’t get it up? Not having that mind-blowing orgasm you desire? Well, guess what? It can all be due to your diet. There are quite a few foods out there that boost the libido, build your stamina, and assist with orgasms. Imagine a better sex life just from eating foods as simple as oatmeal, grapes, avocado, and asparagus.

Just as health is wealth, I believe a healthy body equals a healthy sex life. I think most of us desire sex, but lack that physical will to really engage in it. A little over a year ago my beau and I went vegan for the entire month of December.

Yes, we went vegan during Christmas. Through that experience, I can honestly say that I did desire to have sex more, I had lots of energy, my orgasms took me to new heights, and my stamina was through the roof. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed sex even at my unhealthiest moments, but when you properly care for your body, and feed it the food it needs, it is a different kind of experience.

I didn’t feel like I needed to wear a t-shirt to hide my stomach, and I didn’t feel like I needed to hold my breath to keep from huffing and puffing because I was out of breath, and more than anything, I was able to last longer and enjoy an amazing orgasm… or two.

Sex alone has many great benefits to your health. Research shows that frequent sex can boost your brainpower, strengthen your immune system, and burn calories. In addition, you’ll experience happier life, and for the ladies, that natural glow.

So, what foods do you need to start eating to improve your sex life, boost your libido, and extend your stamina during sex? Here is a list of six foods and one drink to better your sex life.

We all know ginger aids in digestion, boost immunity, and is an anti-inflammatory, but did you know that it increases blood flow? Therefore, preventing cortisol build up which can cause erectile dysfunction.


Avocado is a natural stress reliever. Let’s face it, when you’re stressed you lose your sexual desire. This fruit, popular among Californians boosts stamina and energy levels.


Asparagus provides the body with folate, vitamin E, and potassium which

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