100-Pound Weight Loss: “After Years Of Failed Attempts, I Finally Got It Right”

(Photo credit: @Shamrock_75 instagram)

In our emails, we kept hearing the name Kenneth Frierson being sent to us as someone to feature about weight loss. And when we took a look at him, we know why. Frierson, also known as Shamrock_75 on Instagram, used to be the big, happy-go-lucky guy with a size 48 pants and weighing more than 335lbs. Nowadays, his big, bright smile hasn’t changed, but he’s now 100-pounds smaller, his body is chiseled and he’s wearing a size 36 pants.

Many people ask how he did it, so he’s helping people all over the country live a healthier, leaner life by helping them lose weight just like he did.

On his social media he drops gems of motivation to help inspire people along the way to their goal. Here’s some of his insights on how best to lose weight:

On Dealing With What People Think/Say:

“Take me back to warm weather and sunshine while walking on the beach,” Frierson posts on Instagram. “When I was overweight walking around at 335lbs I didn’t care what people thought about me and neither do I care now.”

“Back then I would see the looks and hear the little jokes or the subliminal messages but I would just shake it off and keep it moving.”

“Now as I walk the beach or walk around shirtless I still hear the same thing but it’s a different tone. People are in shock of what they see, which to me is funny because I remember that 3 years ago the tables where turned.”
“I never did change as a person or how I treated others but one thing did change and that’s my desire to help others through motivation. “

“Be careful who you make fun of or talk down on because the tables could easily be turned. Nobody would have thought that I would have went from one of the fattest guys in the room to one of the swollest individuals in the room.”

“Now that I’m 100 pounds down it’s a different kind of look that I get, one of ‘omg, he’s very muscular.’ At times like these I smile and think to my past saying to myself if they only knew what I had to go through to get to this point in my life. Some think that it will be all good being in shape but even then I still get judged. He thinks he’s to good for everyone, I bet he lives in the gym , bet he’s a douche bag now , selfie king hell I can go on and on.”

“You can’t please everyone in life , stop worrying about what the next person may think of you and live your life to the fullest.”

(Photo credit: @Shamrock_75 instagram)

On How Stress & Weight Gain Are Connected:
“We all go through our ups and downs and for me I have been struggling with a lot of things that happened in my life which I feel that I let get the best of me. Your lifestyle can absolutely be reflected on the outside and cause you to gain weight and stress over things that we tend to beat ourselves up about.”

“I’m here …. I’m ready …. I’m determined to regain my health and beat that guy on the right. I’m tired of making excuses and shrugging it off by saying “IM BULKING”. The honest truth is I was stress eating and letting others influence the way I live.”

“It’s time to regain the individual I use to be and beat all odds by leading by example.”

(Photo credit: @Shamrock_75 instagram)

On Missing The ‘Old You’:

“As I sat and watched a video of my self being full of liquor and laughs I start to miss that person.”

“The times when I was care free, would eat whatever and as much as I could or until it was all gone. Crossing over into this new lifestyle hasn’t been the easiest of transitions due to the fact that the ones around you have to adapt to a completely different individual.”

“Even though I miss that big guy who was 335lbs and who would struggle to breath in his sleep…. the question is , if I was still living that same lifestyle would I still be here to miss him?

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