Debunking the Myth That Guys and Girls Can’t be JUST Friends

“When worst come to worst, my people come first.” – Dilated People ft. Havoc & Guru, Worst Come to Worst

I have a lot of female friends. I also have a handful of female best friends and few honorary ones as well; so much so it’s been skeptically noted by my male friends and a topic of concern with women I’ve dated. We all know the popular narrative: guys and girls can’t truly sustain platonic relationships because it conflicts with the laws of nature. One of the parties will eventually catch feelings and disrupt the “equilibrium” that once was.

I’ve heard it all:

  • “So you mean to tell me you’ve never had sexual thoughts about her?”
  • “You really want me to believe there’s no physical attraction between you two?”
  • “Damn, how many ‘best friends’ do you have?”
  • “You sure do have a lot of ‘homegirls’ and ‘sisters’.”
  • “I’m cool with you with you having one or two, but the rest have to go.”
  • “Bro, there’s no way you’re JUST friends with her.”
  • “Be real with me, if you had a chance to smash….would you? Don’t lie to me bro.”

And the answer remains the same….”No.”

I’ve heard every variation of these questions and believe me, I get it. My best friends and female friends tend to be very intelligent, attractive and virtuous women with amazing personalities.  Any man would be lucky to have them (except me of course… I wouldn’t wish that on me in my darkest hours).

So, how it is humanly possible I don’t see these women as potential girlfriends, wives or even friends with benefits?

Simple. I’ll break it down for you.

The Personal:

Some things are actually bigger than

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