New Breath Test Might Spot Stomach Cancer Early


In 2016, estimated that 1,160 (3%) of black men were expected to die from stomach (gastric) cancer. It is well documented that racial, economic, and biological differences contribute to higher rates of stomach cancer mortality in blacks.


This disparity may reflect higher rates of Helicobacter pylori infection or non-cardia gastric cancers (cancers that occur in all areas of the stomach other than the uppermost portion), which is the most important factor when it comes to the need for early detection and preventive care.


Luckily, a small trial from Israel suggests a new, inexpensive and non-invasive solution in a simple breath test may one day help spot the earliest signs of stomach cancer.


New non-invasive technology.
This novel technology senses small changes in the levels of particular compounds in exhaled breath, and accurately identifies changes that signal the development of disease, the researchers said. If the findings are

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