When Your World Turns Grey: Dealing with Postpartum

How can your world turn grey at the same your dreams come true?

Life was my kind of perfect. A new home. A happy marriage. A bubbly wide-eyed toddler. A longed-for newborn, asleep on my chest. I stared at her tiny fingers and toes in awe. My world was perfect in every way.
Until it wasn’t – and my days turned grey.

Every day, I felt inadequate and afraid. I loved my babies but felt that I was bad for them, that I might hurt them. It was overwhelming. Eventually, it was immobilizing.

I went to a coffee shop and sat outside in the car for fifteen minutes, unable to decide my order. I drove away sobbing. I didn’t want to be out in public, even with close friends. So, I retreated into my own world. The conversation became monosyllabic, negative and sullen. I couldn’t think clearly. I held my babies as my tears dampened their faces.

One day, my husband showed me a brochure asking if