Easy To See; Hard To Touch: The Glass Box Theory

“Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers…” – Kanye West ft. Consequence & GLC, Spaceship

I’ve always pictured life as this proverbial glass box. See the thing about the glass box is…you can see everything outside of it. Your potential, your goals, your dreams, your future and your legacy are right before your very eyes. Everything this world has to offer and more is on the other side of that glass ceiling.

There’s a slight problem though. Just because these aspirations are visibly within arms’ reach doesn’t mean they are easily attainable. In fact, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to them. There’s a daunting reality you’ve yet to face. Your life inside the box is actually one you thought you would never fall victim to: working a job/career you lack passion in, dreading Mondays and dreaming of Fridays all to “live” for the weekend, only to have Sunday night remind you that you’ll be right back on that hamster wheel come Monday morning. That, my friend, is your life. Week in. Week out. (Sorry to dampen the mood, but hey, at least I didn’t lie).

Walking in the sobering truth that your life is now about “going to work,” rather than