Should You Workout with a Cold?

Staying committed to a fitness routine during the winter months has more challenges than you think. The shorter days make you more sleepy. The colder mornings keep you in bed longer. The frigid temps stop you from getting outside for a run or to the gym. Then to top it all off, you might get hit with a bad cold or flu which makes working out seem nearly impossible.

While you can beat most of the excuses for not working out during the winter, sometimes it may be more detrimental to your health than helpful to workout when you are sick. Here are some questions to consider before you try to “sweat out that cold.”

1. Does it hurt to breathe? If the answer is yes, then skip the gym.
If you have a cold that makes it challenging to breathe, particularly if you’re feeling pain in your chest, do not try to work out. You may have a simple chest cold but working out can further reduce your body’s ability to fight it, and you might have even more difficulty breathing.

2. Do you have a fever? If the answer is yes, skip the gym and call your doctor.

If you have a fever, the last thing you should be doing is working out. Working out with a fever can further raise your body temperature and take away from your body’s ability to