Caffeine is Not Healthy in Spite of Offering Several Benefits

More and more Americans are sipping on a cup of hot coffee in 2017 according to industry group’s report. In fact, teenagers are the largest consumers of coffee. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) reveals about 148 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee were produced worldwide in 2015-2016. ICO also estimates that 151.3 million bags of coffee were consumed in 2015-2016, which is a 1.3 percent growth compared to 2012-2013.

No doubt coffee is the most loved beverage among Americans. However, people often think that caffeine is only found in coffee. The truth is, it can be found in a large variety of foods such as tea brews, chocolate, ice creams, etc. But does caffeine offer any health benefits or are the people just slow poisoning themselves? Surprisingly, there are some science backed benefits of caffeine. Let us take a look.

Benefits of Caffeine

Studies reveal that caffeine boosts memory. Moreover, regular intake of coffee in small amounts is thought to reduce the risks of several diseases such as heart disease and stroke (according to two new studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine). However, according to the American Heart Association, more studies need to be done to confirm the positive link between intake of caffeine and coronary heart diseases.

Some studies also reveal that caffeine protects the human brain. A study