Love and Health: Father Daughter Fitness

In 2011, a Cochrane review provided the following recommendations: including healthy eating, physical activity, and body image in the school curriculum and creating environmental and cultural practices in the home and community.

This roundtable features practitioners from nutrition, occupational therapy, and nursing. It demonstrates that it will take all of our efforts to effect lasting health for children (Piridzhanyan, Park, and Clarke 2015).

Some parents rely on school curriculum to implement child exercise, but in reality that isn’t enough in comparison to the food consumption in the average house hold. The Education Code Section 51223 requires all elementary students to receive a minimum of 200 minutes of physical education instruction every ten school days. Essentially, that’s 20 minutes a day.

As a single father co-parenting with an amazing mother to our daughter, Mia Amor Townsend, we actively keep her involved in community sports through the Chicago Park District and other private classes, constantly, throughout the year.

Additionally, I do my best to interact with her using various methods of