I Was Accused of a Crime that Doesn’t Exist—When Politics Meet Medicine

For privacy purposes, we will be referred to as Jane, my husband as John, Doe

We’ve all seen the posters saying, “Don’t Shake the Baby” throughout schools, hospitals, and the like. We’ve seen the front page, breaking news stories about parents being locked up for the crime. But, have you ever heard from the accused?

Have you ever sat in during an investigation or a trial? There is a very different narrative to be told that what is widely accepted as truth.

I trusted everything that everyone told me—until I, along with my husband, were accused of the crime twice. The accusations even spilled over to other family members.

I graduated from college almost an entire calendar year early. My first post-baccalaureate position was at Chicago Public Schools, working with children. My husband came from generations of preachers, engineers, and military personnel.

He dreamt of