What Happens To Your Body When You Go Vegan

I’ve heard so many of my friends say that they want to become vegan. While a few have actually tried it, even less have stuck with it. I think that’s because people see vegans and automatically think it’s easy in the beginning and don’t know what to expect. If you have an idea of what to prepare for when you try being vegan then you can make it through easier.

So if you’re considering going vegan for 30, 60, 90 days or doing a whole lifestyle change, here are a few things to look out for:

You’ll Have To “Go” More
You will definitely have more frequent trips to the bathroom. Most vegan foods (especially whole foods like fruits and veggies) are higher in water content, and they are a total fiber-rich powerhouse! I’ve heard from readers that used to have days and days of constipation that were suddenly going once a day or more. Yay for frequent pooping!

The Way You Smell Will Change (for the better!)
Believe it or not, you will more than likely have better smelling body odor. Because you will be primarily eating whole foods and not processed with hard-to-pronounce man-made ingredients, your body will likely go to a more pleasant smell. Another thing that helps is that you will be eliminating waste quicker (see point above), so foods will not linger inside your intestine as long.

You May Have Fatigue and headache
I want to be real with you: when you first start in the vegan lifestyle, one of the not-so-nice side effects is feeling hungry more frequently. Fatigue and headaches, along with feeling a little irritable are the telltale signs of a diet which doesn’t include enough calories. Yes, when you follow a plant-based diet, you need to eat quite a lot, even though some foods can be quite high in calories.

Always keep vegan snacks around. Fruits and nuts are portable and great! And listen to your body. If it asks for food, make sure you give it.

You Will Have Clearer skin
Any change in diet will affect your skin. Switching to a plant-based diet made by mother nature herself can help erase toxins in your internal and external (skin) organs.

If your skin doesn’t clear up or gets worse, it’s time to consider what you may be allergic to, especially something that…