Dr. Bradley Answers: Will Fibroids Keep Me From Having Kids?

BDO: What is the relationship between fibroids and fertility?

Dr. Linda Bradley: Fibroids are very common, most of the times it does not affect fertility. But how do we know?

We do define infertility in a patient or a couple that’s been trying for 12 consecutive months having intercourse and regular scheduled periods 85 out of 100 women would be pregnant if they’re under 35. If someone is young and having unprotected intercourse and can’t get pregnant fibroids may be a symptom. But it takes 2 people to tango so not all problems with getting and having a baby is from a woman. Yes, women have fibroids but 40% of the time there’s a problem with a man, sperm count, they don’t swim fast enough, they’re not there, they’re not present, that can be something.

I never tell a patient that it’s her fibroids solely, there are tons of tests that we do. Are the fibroids in a space that would block pregnancy, are they blocking the fallopian tubes, have they changed the architecture between the fallopian tubes and the ovary where an egg is released?

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