Why You Should Join a Clinical Trial

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BDO: Why is it important for African Americans to participate in clinical trials?

Dr. Linda Bradley: African Americans really do need to participate in clinical trials. The new drug that we’re looking at, for instance, I just wrote a paper or what we call an editorial, where I read a paper they asked me to comment on it, looking at two groups of women Black and White. With a standard dose of a medication of a drug called ulipristal. This drug is available in Canada in France and in many parts of Europe. But it turns out the standard dose of 5mg of ulipristal compared to 10mg is different in terms of the outcome.


The trial was almost 50/50 Black White and patients were asked to participate fill out a questionnaire, start the ulipristal, take it for three months. How did you feel, how are your periods, did you have pain, did you get better? Black women weren’t as happy on 5mg, White women were. It may be that the burden of our disease from fibroids. We don’t know why genetically it’s different, just bigger fibroids more massive.

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