New Treatment Alert: I Have Fibroids; I Have Options

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BDO: What are some of the newer treatments for fibroids?

Dr. Linda Bradley: The new treatment options are many fold and I would say patients really need to stay tuned. we’re getting ready to look at probably in 2018 at least one new medical drug that will be used by mouth, taken orally that can be used to stop periods and to shrink fibroids. These are called progesterone modulator drugs which also modulate the other hormone that’s made as we have estrogen and progesterone so that’s a drug.


There are another two drugs that are being actively studied, one of the drugs is currently available in Canada and in Europe and has been there for more than three years and is coming to the US. There are new surgical treatments using different types of energy sources from radiofrequency which is the type of energy that we can use for purpose of this discussion to kind of vaporize or desiccate or dry out fibroids. Some of those can be used inside of the uterine cavity where we just put a probe inside. Some may have to go through the belly button where we have small probes that can desiccate and treat with ultrasound and with also what we call bipolar energy emerging.

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