Black Love: 5 Reasons Why It’s Important

Love is love they say. But black love, that’s some other type of magic. When it comes to black couples in America, we haven’t always had the best reputation or success. With black men being the #1 incarcerated race and gender in America, and leading the race in deaths by violence, it comes as no surprise why black couples are the least likely to stay together. Furthermore, I haven’t seen enough information on how black love works and why black marriage is important.

So, I gathered my best recollection of when I saw black love at its best. Here are 5 reasons why black love is important:

Common Grounds Collide

To me black love is phenomenal. No one “gets you” like your own. I say that because, as a black woman in America, there are certain trails and experiences that you come upon that are engrained in you forever. Whether it was the time someone followed you around a fancy boutique or the time you were talked down to by someone who was seemingly more “well-off” than you, there’s an understanding of common ground that only the two of you can relate to.

History Is Being Made
The stigma of generational trauma from the time of slavery has always taken a toll on black love. From men not being able to protect their wives from slave owners to the women not being able to

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