Vaping Linked to Bladder Cancer Risk

Sure, they look pretty cool and might even get you cool points with friends but do e-cigarettes come with serious side effects? The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported that African Americans were significantly less likely to report ever using e-cigarettes compared to Whites and Hispanics.

However, African Americans that do use were more likely to report plans to continue using e-cigarettes compared to Whites and Hispanics. Black participants were also more likely to use e-cigarettes as a regular cigarette replacement compared to both reported races.

Although many people think “vaping” is safer than smoking, research suggests that both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are tied to an increased risk for bladder cancer.

“We’ve known traditional smoking raises bladder cancer risk, and given the surge in popularity of e-cigarettes, it’s imperative we uncover any potential links” between e-cigarettes and bladder cancer, Dr. Sam Chang said in an American Urological Association news release.

Chang is a professor of urologic surgery at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville.

Most inhaled nicotine is excreted in the urine. For the study, the researchers compared