Angelique Miles: Redefining ‘Ageless Beauty’ At 51

(Photo credit: @Angeliquemiles Instagram)

Music and publishing industry veteran Angelique Miles had a fast-paced job where she signed artists like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim and Busta Rhymes, among others. Usually, in those high-paced, high-stressed positions, people look stressed and just downright too old for their age, but not Angelique. She’s traded in her career and discovered who she truly is as a fitness enthusiast, blogger and health advocate.

But that’s not even the best part. The stunning beauty is doing all of this at the age of 51, but looks like a twenty-something model who just graduated college–for real! She talks with and explains her routine how she puts women half her age to shame.

“When I turned 40, I was no longer working [in] the music industry after 20 years and gaining weight,” admits Miles to The Root. “I didn’t want to look down and out, too. I did aggressive workouts, like CrossFit, that helped me become a runner.”

“Before CrossFit, I could barely run 2 miles. I did a 3-miles-for-30-days challenge at first. CrossFit has great coaches. I never got hurt. It was the most challenging workout I’ve ever done. I learned how to run, I learned to do Olympic weightlifting, do pushups and pull-ups, things I never thought I could do.”

But like many Black women, the struggle was real when it comes to maintaining healthy hair and a manageable hairstyle in between hot and sweaty workouts.

“I started to gain weight and do [a] lot of sweaty cardio. Hair was an issue. [Now I] co-wash with SheaMoisture, a little bit of coconut oil. I shape it and set with Nairobi wrap lotion and let it air-dry for 30 minutes—[I] never flat-iron. I go to the barber every two weeks; it just saves me a lot of time and energy.”

(Photo credit: @Angeliquemiles Instagram)

“My fitness philosophy is to do whatever you like. I don’t like dancing, so I don’t typically do those kinds of workouts. Having said that, whatever you choose to do should be challenging enough to get results, but you should do something.”

“My eating habits play a huge role with my fitness goals, particularly as I’ve gotten older. There was a time I could work out and still eat whatever I wanted, but the two go hand in hand. I typically have 5 meals a day, and 2 of those meals are usually protein shakes. I limit my carbs (but they are still necessary, especially with the way I train), I don’t eat dairy, and I usually only drink water, no juice. I try to keep my daily intake at around 1600 calories a day.”

(Photo credit: @angeliquemiles Instagram)

“Having said that, I also treat myself whenever I feel like it (usually on weekends), but I’m careful to not overdo it. Even with healthy foods, you still have to control your portions. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”