Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler: From Doctor To Hollywood Director

… knew everything. As I got older, I started realizing what was going on more, and I saw what my father was talking about come to light, and it was the right thing.”

The father knew from years of experience.

“I’ve been in corrections 25 years and I still believe it’s (about) choices,” Ira said. “At some point, there’s ‘the call of the wild.’ I had friends who were notorious drug dealers in the area. But my father always told me I had two choices: The right way and the wrong way.”

“My parents went to college, so I went to college,” he said last week. “But if my dad was a drug dealer, I would have been a drug dealer.”

The article made a prediction 10 years ago: “Some day, Richmond residents will be watching the Academy Awards and there might be Ryan Coogler, handsome and resplendent in a tuxedo, and smiling into the television camera as he hears his name called as an Oscar winner.”

Well, I think he’s well on his way.

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