BREAKING: Rick Ross Hospitalized After Being Found ‘Unresponsive’

younger ages. Heart failure means that the heart isn’t able to pump blood as well as it should.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

Before age 50, African-Americans’ heart failure rate is 20 times higher than that of whites, according to the study. Four risk factors are the strongest predictors of heart failure: high blood pressure (also called hypertension), chronic kidney disease, being overweight, and having low levels of HDL, the “good” cholesterol. Three-fourths of African-Americans who develop heart failure have high blood pressure by age 40.

Since Ross’ incident, today his friend and fellow hip-hop artist, Fat Trel, assured worried fans that Ross is doing just fine.

Trel took to Instagram to clear the air, posting a photo of his friend writing that he talked to him over the phone: “JUS TALKED 2 MY BIG HOMIE… HE GOOD… HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON ‘LIFE SUPPORT’ … HE GOOD”

This isn’t the only time Ross has had a medical emergency.

After suffering two seizures in less than 24 hours in 2011, the Bawse found himself sitting in the waiting room of a very expensive doctor’s office.

“I was the only black dude, and the rest was 55- to 80-year-old white males sitting in the room,” he says. “It was all silence and we all was kind of just looking at each other, like, What the fuck he here for?”

Ross watched as elderly Caucasian male after elderly Caucasian male was called by the nurse. Finally, it was his turn. The doctor broke it down…

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