Hold Up, I Can Be In The Gym TOO MUCH?

your muscles apart without giving them a chance to repair.

2. Injuring yourself more and more these days? Overtraining means training in a weakened state because again, you’re working on a muscle that hasn’t had a chance to repair. Injuries that are results of overtraining usually happen in areas of the body that have been injured before.

3. Experiencing an unusually high or low resting heart rate? Your resting heart rate can be measured through a heart rate monitor or by counting your pulse before getting out of bed in the morning.

4. Feeling ill or fatigued? Illness doesn’t fit into a healthy lifestyle, but your immune system weakens when your body is put into a constant catabolic state, meaning the natural process of muscle tissue growth and repair won’t take place and it will instead eat away at itself in order to find energy.

5. Good sleep is often associated with a good workout, but in the case of the over-trainer, it could be insomnia instead. All systems are being overtaxed, including the nervous and endocrine systems.

Placing stress on these systems, especially