Tiara Kristine: Fit For A Goddess

… all that is in contrast to what ‘healthy’ is. To flow and be engaged in the process of Life. This is how I have experienced health.”

Tiara has some sage advice for those who also want to venture into the realm of being more comfortable in their skin and sexuality. For Tiara, it wasn’t always easy.

“I always tell people you will not know who you are until you can feel that way about yourself in the contrast. I’ve always been used to getting attention or getting compliments my whole life, to me it was normal. To me it was like this is who I am, this is nature this is how sh*t works. When I started my site people would say “Omg, you’re so fearless” and I would say no it’s not that I’m fearless but maybe more courageous. It’s not like I just went in all gung ho. It took me years to uncover my layers. The more I stripped down the more of myself I was seeing until I stripped down to nothing. Along the way I would come across people who did have something to say about it and I would still feel what I would feel. I respect people’s opinion but I still feel how I feel. That’s how you know you’re comfortable with who you are because you’re not trying to get everybody to like you or to approve of you because if you need all of that you just don’t feel it for yourself.


“I live my life open. A lot of people say I’m free spirited but I prefer open because many people hear free spirit and think you’re  down to just do any and everything and that’s not the case. Free Spirit just means you’re open to life. You’re not really rejecting anything but you’re not just going for anything either. Express because I naturally express myself. As a little girl my dad would always tell me to not hold things in to express myself . He would always say, ‘You’re my baby but you’re not my property. I don’t own you. You have thoughts. You have feelings. You have ideas. You’re a person and you have to get it out. Dare to be yourself.’”

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Since Tiara is an expert at yoga, we put together these four muscle-toning yoga poses as a sequence 3 to 5 times a week to tone your entire body.


Begin on all fours with your arms straight and shoulders stacked over your wrists. Have your palms flat and shoulder width apart. Curls your toes under and step both feet back until your legs are straight and your feet are hip width apart. Bring your shoulders, hips and heels into one straight line with your core and quad muscles engaged. Distribute your weight of your knuckles evenly and slightly look past your fingertips. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths.


From the plank pose, extend your gaze forward and keep the front ribs in as you bend your elbows halfway to the ground. Keep your elbows in and over your wrists, and…

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