Kid ‘N Play Star Releases New Hip-Hop Documentary 

dance was more of a respected craft during those times compared to when it transitioned into a more exploitative form of art, especially due to the negative portrayal of women in music videos, oftentimes dressed in skimpy outfits as they performed more seductive dance moves.

To this day, many music fans are curious to know who those talented background dancers are whose dance moves created those magical moments in pop culture in music videos and onstage performances from stars like Michael Jackson, and LL Cool J, to name a few. Fortunately, the “House Party” actor has been working on a new documentary film that will bring these talented dancers out of obscurity and onto a platform to celebrate the history of hip-hop dance.

Hip Hop Dance Leads to Better Health
Studies have also shown how grooving to a beat is a great form of exercise. Martin, along with many former choreographers featured in his documentary, can attest to how dance has contributed to better health and increased fitness, offering a fun way to shed pounds and get in better shape.

Some of the dancers from the film have even opened up their own dance studio, while others still practice the craft at home as a daily exercise routine to aid in the prevention of illnesses due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Exclusive to, I was able to catch up with Christopher “Play” Martin as he is set to unveil his new film “ANDiDanced” and talk with some of the featured dancers about how dance continues to play an important role in their physical health and well-being!

Issac for BDO: Tell us how the idea of putting a spotlight on background dancers came about.

Christopher “Play” Martin: “I felt that their stories were long overdue. Many of them from the beginning of Hip Hop and Hip Hop R&B have never got the credit and celebration they deserve. So as an artist who benefited from their contribution I thought I’d do this and hopefully be a blessing.”

Describe your journey of filming for the documentary “AndiDanced” and catching up with former dancers. 

“It’s been a very long, but exciting and rewarding journey. It hasn’t been easy but well worth it catching up to all them around the country. This has been a