Mo’Nique Celebrates Being Under 200 Pounds In Over 30 Years!

my size. Because I never felt love like that before.”

(Photo credit: Instagram)

That’s when Mo’Nique said she decided to “save her life.” Now, she’s using her star power to inspire her fans to lose weight.

“For a long time, I was a child in my way of thinking. I thought that I could eat what I wanted, do? what I wanted, and was reckless in the sense of abusing my body. That’s when I was younger.”

(Photo credit: Moniqueworldwide Instagram)

“I think that the journey I have to take now is that I have babies. I have a son who is 23, but I also have a son who is nine. And we have twins who are seven. I want to meet their children. I want to be able to play with

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