I Just Ordered My Ancestry DNA Kit & Here’s My Predictions

wits any longer, I thought I’d share what crazy things are going on in my head while I wait! Check out my predictions and chime in on what you think too!

I will, for the most part, be of West African descent.

I’ve been told by people from Africa and America that I, in fact, look Ghanaian or Senegalese. My features are pretty broad and pronounced, and my bottom half is heavier. I have very kinky, type 4C hair, plus my hair and eyes are a deep brown.

Most of my family look of African descent, but they are all very much so on the lighter side. They’re beautiful shades of caramel, golden browns, and warm honey. My great-grandmother, however, was a stunning deep brown and so was her youngest son, my great uncle.

However, I’m likely to have more Native American in me than I think.
Not so much of my skin-tone or hair leads me to believe this particular prediction. However, my mother swears that her father was Native American and Black, yet I have never met him, seen a picture, silhouette or relative to the liking. I did grow up with grandmother on my mother’s side and she very much so had the features of a Native American.

Her skin was very caramel, her hair grew very long as she’s always had dreadlocks since I’ve known her. Also, her lips were small and straight, her nose was very pronounced and her eyes had a slight slant to them. Plus, all the women on my mother’s side was very tall. I’m talking at least