Hate Mondays? Here’s How To Make Them Better

drink more water or focus on complaining less and being more positive, having an intention for the week to gives you the opportunity to have something fresh to focus on.

Take a few minutes to yourself before leaving your house to sit down and just breathe. If you find that you’re short on time and can’t sit and meditate, listen to meditation apps on your way to work or throughout the day in your workspace if you can. Starting the day off with meditation creates a calm mind and can shift your perspective on the week ahead.

Be inspired
Fill your mornings with inspiration! Start your morning looking over your vision boards to help keep you motivated, listen to podcasts, blast uplifting and positive music as you get ready for work or write down in your journal what your ideal work week looks like. Whatever you love doing, schedule some time for it before going to work.

Start a side hustle
One common factor that makes Mondays so mundane, is routine. There’s nothing new or exciting going on so you’re stuck doing the exact same things you did last week, the week before and yep, you guessed it, the week before that. If you find yourself constantly bored at your job, then now is the perfect time to start considering a side business. What do you enjoy doing? Is it something that can be of service to others? If you’re great at drawing, create art and sell your work; if you’re a writer, start a blog. Thanks to social media, you’re able to brand your yourself and build an interested audience that can potentially turn your side hustle into your main source of income.

You don’t have to hate Mondays, but if you find that you do, try reflecting on what it is that you can change that will align your reality with what is you want. Your life is what you create.


Shawna Davis is a wellness journalist and the founder and creator of the wellness lifestyle blog, Flowing and Froing. Beyond the blog, she is a certified yoga instructor, wife, dog mama and is a natural hair enthusiast that’s passionate about health, wellness, and beauty. You can follow her on Instagram @itsshawnadavis.