Make Tasty Vegan Food (That Your Non-Vegan Family Will Love)

Are you the only vegan in your family? If you are, then you are very familiar with the struggle of getting friends and family members to buy into the idea that plant-based food can be healthy and delicious. You may often hear comments from friends and family members that amount to the fact that they refuse to eat “rabbit food”.

You may be conflicted about bringing meals to family gatherings because you don’t want to hear the comments about how it will taste (before anyone has even tasted it!). This is a common struggle for many who have decided to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you make delicious vegan foods that even your non-vegan family will love to eat.

1. Try to make vegan versions of their favorite dishes. This may work especially well with children. Childhood favorites like pizza and hamburgers are pretty easy to veganize. Try a loaded veggie pizza with a commercial vegan cheese to start. Try different variations to see what you love.

Also, try making your family’s favorite entrees using veggies or mock meats instead of actual meat. Although mock meats are still processed foods and not necessarily the healthiest, they may help win over skeptics in your family who are married to the idea of meat in their meals.

Eventually, you can switch to other meat substitutes that are veggie based, like jackfruit. Vegan sweets are also a great way to convince reluctant family members that vegan food can be delicious.

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