Shopping For Vegan Beauty? Here’s What to Look For

mascara and lip balms, beeswax is also sometimes labeled as “Cera alba.”

Collagen: This ingredient can be found in may anti-aging and lip plumping beauty products and is derived from animal tissue, bone, skin or ligaments – typically from cows.

Carmine: Red pigment that comes from crushed cochineals and is found in lipsticks, nail polishes and blushes. Sometimes referred to as Natural Red 4.

Gelatin: This gel-like substance comes from the boiling of cow and pigs skin, tendons, ligaments and/or bones in water.

Often used in beauty products such as shampoos and face masks.

Squalene: Derives from shark liver oil and is used in lubricating creams and lotions.

While some companies proudly display their vegan status on their product labels, other may be more subtle, so if you’re in the market for vegan beauty products, be sure to pay close attention to certain labels and ingredients to ensure you’re getting what you expect.


Shawna Davis is a wellness journalist and the founder and creator of the wellness lifestyle blog, Flowing and Froing. Beyond the blog, she is a certified yoga instructor, wife, dog mama and is a natural hair enthusiast that’s passionate about health, wellness, and beauty. You can follow her on Instagram @itsshawnadavis.