4 Ways to Make Dining Out Better For Your Body

recent visit, I realized how many calories were in my favorite dishes. For example, I ordered the Crusted Chicken Romano which has 1490 calories. Add my Salted Caramel cheesecake’s 1240 calories and I consumed a total of 2730 calories in one sitting.

This doesn’t include what I may have eaten for breakfast. So, in a day I may have consumed over 3000 calories. Even the salads have a minimum of 1300 calories, and while Cheesecake Factory has a “skinny menu,” many patrons don’t actually go for the “skinny menu.”

In addition to the high-calorie intake, restaurants serve larger portions. While places like Cheesecake Factory offer mega portions that can be shared, people like the idea of tasting a little bit of everything so people prefer to order separately.

Knowing that dining out can potentially cause chronic disease and obesity there are ways to still enjoy your favorite restaurant while being mindful of what you are eating.

Drink water

Drinking water before your meal not only helps with digestions, but it also makes you feel full. This helps to avoid overeating.

Have your dressing on the side

If you are opting for a salad, request your dressing on the side, giving you control of how much dressing you put on the salad.


Although you enjoy your own meal, sharing not only save you money, but you don’t wat as much as you would if you ordered your own meal. Also, if you share the main course that allows you to share an appetizer or dessert without feeling guilty.

Be Mindful

Use “mindful eating” when going out. Be aware of what you are eating the effects it can have on your health. Make mindful decisions about what you put in your body.


Elissa Mirsky, known to most as Elle, is a published author and former editor-in-chief of Bold Magazine. She believes food shouldn’t be boring and every meal should be fashionably edible. Follow her on Instagram @mylifebeingelle where she is documenting her journey to eat well, live life, and love self.

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