Best Morning Routine For Your Body Type

…you put on muscle quickly but have a hard time trimming the fat on top.

Your ideal routine: Balanced and connected. Before you exercise in the morning, eat a snack with protein and carbs, says St. Pierre, which will optimize muscle building and give you fuel to tackle your workout. (A container of Greek yogurt is a good option.) Since you’re naturally athletic, you may already be doing strength workouts. Keep it up—with a couple of suggestions. To create long, lean muscles, Sims recommends reaching for lower weights with higher reps or doing a high-intensity interval workout (HIIT) to tone.

If you’re not feeling hungry afterward, grab a protein recovery drink to deliver the hydration and nutrition your muscles need, says Sims. Or if your stomach’s grumbling, a well-balanced breakfast (such as cottage cheese with fruit and nuts) will offer a nice mix of protein and carbs to rebuild muscles and replenish glycogen stores, plus a little satisfying fat to keep you full.

And remember to make time to invest in your mental well-being as well. Emotional stress can impede short-term muscle recovery after exercise, research shows. This means you’ll want to do things that maximize your mental health too. One option: Try to spend some time in the a.m. connecting with loved ones (call a friend, sit down with your kids to eat, hug your partner), as close relationships with loved ones help you stay calm and happy, according to the American Psychological Association.

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