Don’t Get Married If You’re Guilty of These 5 Things

know, and like the person you’ve pledged to spend your life with. So make sure you have the not so glamorous talks with your partner about all of the things people typically have very strong opinions about religion, managing finances, roles in the relationship and whether or not to have children.

If there are conflicting views on one or a few of these topics a serious rift in any marriage can grow. Journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley in her book ‘Til Faith Do Us Part’, interfaith couples have higher divorce rates. After drawing from national surveys and numerous conversations with couples, religious leaders and her own personal experiences she writes,”People tend to underestimate how important religion is going to be to them later in life”.

When it comes time to raising children, celebrating holidays etc. our upbringing and passed down religious traditions resurface. This also goes for opinions of financial issues and whether or not to have children. These can be deep-rooted ideals we hold but never think about until we are confronted by a situation. A difference in beliefs isn’t always automatic grounds for divorce though. These problems can be worked through with communication, respect, and compromise. However, issues like whether or not to have children can be non-negotiable for some people. It’s extremely important to have these conversations early and have clear expectations so that you don’t enter a marriage on false pretenses.

2. You’re doing it because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do
Babies are a blessing but they can put a strain on the healthiest relationships, especially when unplanned. Many couples feel pressured, either by society, their family or themselves to make things more serious when an unplanned pregnancy happens. 30 years ago the ‘shotgun wedding’ was much more popular. According to, about 30% of the couples who found themselves unexpectedly