Doctor Opens Pharmacy In Challenging Community: “I’m Sowing A Seed”

One doctor’s dream to not only fulfill a need, but to provide a great quality of health and service to his community, saw his dreams come into reality when he opened New Town Pharmacy this year.

Dr. Albert Chester II opened this pharmacy with it being the only pharmacy within a 3-mile radius. He said he saw a need for a pharmacy in the community because older people or anyone without a car struggle to get the medicine they need. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a graduate of Florida A&M University, Dr. Chester witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by the elderly and those who simply did not have access to their own transportation to access quality medicines.

Chester and his family saved their money for two full years in order to open the business.

“It means I’m invested in sowing a seed into the community. Hopefully, it will grow and inspire other people to do the same thing,” Dr. Chester said. “Our whole point is to help and capture as many people as we can.”

Chester said opening the pharmacy was a special moment because it is in the same neighborhood where his grandfather grew up decades ago.

“As a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a graduate of Florida A&M University, I am extremely humbled, honored, and excited to serve this community and city. New Town Pharmacy is patient-centered, meaning we cater and focus on the specific needs of each patient/customer. Our goal is to not only become your pharmacy, but to become your primary resource for all of your healthcare needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

New Town Pharmacy is a full-service community pharmacy. Their services include prescriptions for all over-the-counter medications and immunizations. They service insured patients, uninsured patients, group homes, and assisted living facilities.

Another thing that stands out about New Town is they have free delivery available 7 days a week for home or job delivery.

They also offer free medication information sessions. New Town Pharmacy will host free health sessions for individuals that would like to discuss their medications and any other healthcare concerns.

New Town has also implemented something called their Free Prescription program. Catering to those who have no prescription insurance, they have a $4 drug list and also price match on most prescriptions.

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