The Effects of Fermented Rice Water In 4C Natural Hair

Okay so in the colder winter weather when I wasn’t able to rely on my wash and go, I was looking to try something different to freshen up my hair and give it some much-needed moisture and nutrients. I came across Ask Debbie About Hair and her video really made me want to try it.

She gave historical information about how this has been used for centuries and the different countries that are known for hair envy that use it. She then ended the video showing her results on a black woman’s hair. From there, I was hooked. I went on a journey to find my rice and a spray bottle and get to work.

My hair naturally loves water and so the first time, I couldn’t tell if it was working or if it was the water and my normal products. The second time, I noticed a difference. I specifically noticed a difference in the amount of shedding and the decrease brittleness of my ends.

Warning: There is a smell attached to fermented rice water but you do wash it out after so it is bearable. If you can deal with apple cider vinegar then you can deal with this. If you are very sensitive to smells, I would not advise doing this.

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