Fitness & Tech: 5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Workout

Times are changing and technology is getting smarter. From smartphones to smart shoes, we are living in an age in which technology is incorporated into everything. While the action of working out may seem like a primitive concept, there’s a lot of science that goes into it, especially if you’re working with an educated fitness professional.

The great thing about all of this new technology is that it actually opens a gateway for non-fitness professionals to understand their workouts and their bodies a little better. From heart rate sensors to equipment sensors, there are plenty of ways for fitness enthusiasts to keep track of all their physicality. The latest in fitness technology may have you feeling like you’re in a scene from iRobot, but could also make a difference in your fitness routine.

Smart Phones:

Let’s start with the most simple of the latest tech. Most people already own a smartphone, so it only takes some app exploring to become familiar with what your phone has to offer. The iPhone, for example, comes with a pre-installed app known as the Health App. The Health App senses and records your walking and running distances, your steps, and flights of steps climbed.

It also can keep track of your nutrition, health records, and sleep patterns. The problem is that it isn’t always accurate, especially for those of us who don’t keep our phones nearby 24/7. If your smartphone doesn’t come with a pre-installed health tracker, you can always download one.

Sensors & Heart Rate Monitors:

Another simple piece of tech that has been around for a while is the Heart Rate monitor. With a heart rate monitor, which is typically worn around the ribs at the base of the sternum or at the wrist, you can drastically

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