The Paramurse: “Whatever Your Role, Go And Be Great”

(Photo credit: @the_paramurse on instagram)

Nurses are an integral part of our medical system, but are not only usually overlooked, they are disregarded, especially African American nurses. Blacks make up roughly 9.9% of RNs, while Asian make up 8.3% and 4.8% are Hispanic or Latino. So here at BlackDoctor, we strive to honor, uplift and award those nurses who are striving every day to make our lives healthier and happier.

One of those nurses is Everett, who goes by the name of “The Paranurse” on social media.

He is a Registered Nurse, a paramedic, a BeneFIT Medical brand ambassador, an educator and could even possibly be a fitness model. He is also a member of The Society of Trauma Nurses (STN). STN is a professional nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure optimal trauma care to all people locally, regionally, nationally and globally through initiatives focused on trauma nurses related to prevention, education and collaboration with other healthcare disciplines. The Society of Trauma Nurses advocates for the highest level of quality trauma care across the continuum. We accomplish this through an environment that fosters visionary leadership, mentoring, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in the delivery of trauma care.

(Photo credit: @the_paramurse on instagram)

The Paramurse is so heavily involved in STN that he was even selected as Society of Trauma Nurses 2018 Leadership Extern.

But according to his social media, his road in the medical field wasn’t always clear.

“It’s funny how things change,” he posted on his Instagram. “Ten years ago, I didn’t see myself here. The thing I like most about the healthcare industry, the opportunities are infinite. There is value in every role. Whatever your role, wherever your passion leads you, always go forth and be great!”

(Photo credit: @the_paramurse on instagram)

“I was once told that teaching the content helps you to perfect the skill. I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of teaching the skills that I’ve learned over the years. While my primary occupation is Nursing I am also a teacher/educator. I have been a collegiate EMS Educator for over a decade. Making a difference in clinical care and clinical education.”

“I lost my father May 24, 1999. The most devastating blow to my entire world. With every passing year I realize even more how much that man meant to me. My greatest aspiration is to be half the man he was…”

“Day by day we see many at their worst yet expected to perform at our best. There are always many stats thrown around but to me only one stat matters and that’s to make a difference in one life, one family, one patient, one day at a time. I strive for clinical excellence to be that difference in one life!”

(Photo credit: @the_paramurse on instagram)

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