Here Are The Best and Worst Drinks For Your Penis

Word on the street is that Hennesy is known to give you right flow to right area at the right time. “Henny Dick” has been rapped about in songs and in many circles of men. Maybe it’s the “smooth taste” or alcohol’s ability to lower inhibitions. Some men have said they’ve performed better while on cognac, but scientists might disagree with the former.

Either way, we’re here to tell you all about the best and worst drinks for your penis. Who knew a sip of the wrong thing could prevent you getting a taste of another thing.

Here are some of the best and worst drinks for your penis.

1. Alcohol
Excessive amounts of alcoholic consumption have been known to cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol acts as a depressant in the body. It slows the body’s ability to process and regulate blood flow which is essential to sustaining an erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

Next time you’re drinking any alcoholic beverage, Hennessy or not, consider that this depressant interferes with the functions of your nervous system essential for sexual stimulation, penile sensitivity, and circulation. However, some physicians have said

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