Remy Ma Goes Meatless For Weight Loss

… Cut out the foods that are high in fat and devoid of fiber, and increase the foods that are low in fat and full of fiber.

The best way to do this approach is to follow the diet completely for three weeks. This means no sneaking ranch dressing onto your salad, adding egg whites to muffin batter, or having a bit of chicken with dinner. Only by doing the diet all the way will you be able to reap all the benefits and avoid lapses that can lead to weight gain.

(Photo credit: instagram)

These days, it’s all about portion control for the hip-hop wordsmith. “It’s a life change, and now if I have a bit too much macaroni and cheese, then I don’t feel bad,” Remy explained. “It’s just like, ‘Hey, it’s just mac and cheese.’ It’s not like I ate a cheeseburger like I really wanted to do!”

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