It’s Time to Get Rid of These 5 Common Exercise Myths

Getting in shape and being fit has become trendy as we see our favorite celebrities changing their eating and exercise habits to improve their bodies. There are best practices for achieving a better body and improving your health but there also have been myths surrounding exercising that have swirled around for far too long. It’s time to bust common exercise myths that we’ve held on to.

1. Stretching before a workout prevents injury
. We’ve always been told to do leg or arm stretches, which are called static stretches, before beginning a workout to prevent straining or injuring the muscles, but this has been proven to not be very helpful for the body. Research has shown that it is better to allow our bodies to warm up before we complete static stretches and then do dynamic stretches such as arm or leg swings which still involve movement. It is better to warm up by doing a light run or walk on the treadmill or any other elliptical.

2. Crunches are the best exercise for the core. 
Crunches are quite possibly the oldest known abs exercise that you can complete at home or at the gym. This exercise has historically been said to be the best and fastest way to get a popping six pack, but research has shown that crunches aren’t as great as they seem to be.

Physicians say that crunches are not bad for your core but abs muscles are designed to work most efficiently when you’re standing upright, not lying on your back in the crunch position. To set your core on fire, try exercises such as core stabilizers, standing obliques or the warrior balance.

3. Pain means results
. Often, we equate pain or soreness with a

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