Have Fun in the Sun This Summer without compromising your health

As you and your family prepare to pull out the grill this summer, please don’t forget one important thing, your health. I remember the years as an emergency room nurse and seeing all the patients come in the ER with high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels due to the holiday eating. I want to share with you five ways you can stay healthy during the summer. I will also give you a snapshot of a summer meal guide, so you don’t pack on the pounds.

#1 Stay Hydrated
While this is the perfect time to have fun in the sun, it’s also important to remember that being in the sun for long periods of time can definitely dehydrate you. Therefore, it is extremely important to increase your water intake and decrease your sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake.

I know you may be thinking this is time for you to grab an ice-cold beer or a glass of wine with your meal but limit how many beers or glasses of wine you have. Increase your water and add fruit to enhance the taste. Also pay attention to when your body does not have enough fluids and recognize signs of dehydration (Dry skin, fatigue, cracked lips, fast heart rate, headache, and dizziness)

#2 Decrease your Sodium Intake
As I mentioned earlier, during the summer is when

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