It’s Wedding Season! 6 Money-Saving Tips You Should Consider

Image: Unsplash

Spring and Summer are the two most wedding-heavy seasons of the year. Nothing’s better than great weather and a backdrop of sprouting flowers on your big day. Well, there is one other thing that may one up it, and that’s saving money!

Check out these 6 money-saving tips to consider when planning your big day:

Set 2 Budgets Instead of 1
Many couples seem to always fall short when it comes to overages that will certainly pop up. Almost everyone goes over their initial budget. So, to bypass an awkward conversation with your father about coughing up more money to lend you, why not make your own safety net?

Think two steps ahead by setting not only one budget, but two. Have one budget for your ideal costs (a.k.a. what you want to pay). Then, set another for your expected costs (a.k.a. what you will pay, rounded up). This can be as simple as setting a wedding budget of $10,000 but actually saving $15,000 with a safety net of $5,000 to go to overages.

Ask For Help
The power of real relationships will go the distance when it comes to