5 Exercises to Snatch Your Waist! (VIDEO)

Summer may be calling your name, but your abs might still be in hiding. Fortunately, Sharita Jennings, trainer and creator of GetFitLikeThat.com has a killer ab circuit to help you get abs you can show off in no time. Simply add this workout to your gym time, or do it alone about 3 times a week. Of course, pair this up with a healthy diet for the best results and you’ll be ready to show off that snatched waist before the seasons change.

Here’s the workout:

1. Weighted Sit Ups: this move will target your upper abdominals as well as your shoulders. Be sure to control your movement up and on your way back down to your mat for the ultimate ab engagement.

2. Star Sit Ups: This move is already a challenge, but Sharita takes it to another level by challenging you to keep your feet off the floor the whole time. Try to crunch up to meet your hand to your opposite foot and alternate sides. You’ll feel every inch of your core on this one!

3. Figure Eights: This exercise will focus on your lower abdominals, which are a trouble zone for every living breathing person. To get even better results from this move, keep your head and